There’s something about spring. It’s a time for fresh starts and fresh air.  National Nutrition Month® is all about celebrating eating for good health, and springtime somehow gives us a boost – helps us want to make some healthy changes in our lives.HTNwithherbsphoto

While salt is a common and important seasoning when it comes to cooking, there are ways to add flavor without it. If not eliminating salt, you can certainly use less. Springtime is a perfect time to begin experimenting with fresh salt-free seasonings. If you are trying to follow the DASH Diet, you will be working on reducing the sodium in your cooking and diet. And since DASH Diet is a great plan for weight loss, you may as well get ready for summer now! Consider:

  • Citrus. It’s amazing what a fresh squeeze of lemon can do to a dish! You may try squeezing fresh lemon juice onto baked chicken or fish dishes, or even in places you might not think about – like pasta or rice.
  • Herbs.
    • Fresh rosemary can turn an ordinary potato or sauteed squash into something extraordinary. This is a great time of year to start a kitchen herb garden.
    • Cilantro brighten up tomato dishes, fresh salsa, poultry, rice pilaf or quinoa.
    • Herbs de Provence are such a special combination. Sprinkle them onto a vegetable medley or poultry dish.
  • Use Vegetables. Chopped green onions, leeks, garlic, peppers – all add great color, flavor and even nutrients to your dishes. Mincing vegetables into a dish can really boost flavor and nutrition.
  • You can also use fruit in different ways. Try this Sweet Potato Salad with Mango Curry Dressing for your next family gathering.

Cooking a few more meals at home and trying a few simple changes each week, can reduce your sodium intake, while still savoring the flavors of healthy food. Cheers to your health!