My Goal is to Dispel Food Myths & Offer Some Perspective

Enjoy eating for better health. Feed your family without confusion or deprivation.

Every week there is some new food myth to contend with.  Whether you see or hear it on television, radio, magazine covers or a social media feed, it can lead to confusion. Instagram “influencers” who offer nutrition advice often have no training in nutrition science nor medicine, adding to the confusion. Popular news media grab a few tidbits and publish a headline the moment that a new research study is published. In many cases, studies are preliminary, or simply flawed on a number of counts, and the headline exaggerates the results.

Turn Confusion into Clarity

Follow Chew the Facts® with Rust Nutrition Services and learn to decipher food and nutrition facts from myths, so you can enjoy eating. Here you’ll find well-researched diet and nutrition information, recipes, eating tips, and book reviews – all of the tools you need to make reasonable, sustainable changes in your diet or lifestyle.

While human nutrition is complicated (and rat study results can’t be applied to humans), there is actually a lot of well-documented science available. Facts about basic nutrient needs, daily dietary allowances and recommended intakes, are all based on sound nutrition science data. Yet, there is no shortage of misinformation. Often the first few hits on an Internet search are not accurate. This abundance of misinformation motivated me to start blogging and writing books that help consumers understand some nutrition basics with facts, not fear.

Turn Deprivation into Healthy Indulgence

Words like “cheating” and “guilt” do not belong in the vocabulary supporting healthy eating habits. Unfortunately lots of people associate eating with guilt. Turn deprivation into healthy indulgence by freeing yourself from labeling some foods as “bad” and others purely as “good”. Ban negative food words and relax the “food rules” and lift the guilt off of your shoulders.

There is no “one right way” to eat.  Healthy eating is not about being perfect for a day or a few months. Your lifestyle will always be a work in progress. Consequently, making dietary changes is something you commit to for the rest of your life.

By arming yourself with the facts, you can worry less about always eating the ‘right’ thing, and instead find the right diet fit for you. After that, you can focus on learning healthy eating habits based on variety, balance and moderation.

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And yep, you can have a cupcake on occasion and still stay healthy.

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