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My newest book tackles the problem of food waste. Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies® is about the problem with food waste, and why it’s important to throw less food into our landfills. Food waste that goes to landfills has a negative impact on the environment, your food budget, and your wallet. Adopting a zero waste cooking strategy will likely improve your overall nutrition too. Take the pledge to reduce wasted food!

Find the 2nd edition of DASH Diet For Dummies®, published November 2020, here, or as an AUDIOBOOK: Audible, Audiobooks, GooglePlay

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An excellent Nutrition Communications resource for every dietitian.

There’s more than one way to eat a healthy diet

When things get hectic you need some extra support! My goal is to share news and products with you that will help you live a balanced, healthy, happy life. Learn more about diet and its relationship to health.

Books that cover everything you need to know about healthy eating

The DASH eating plan is a meal planning strategy that helps lower blood pressure naturally. While you might lose weight after adopting DASH, the eating plan wasn’t created as a “weight loss diet”, but rather, health. DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and is based on the results of a clinical research trial that showed the diet plan lowered blood pressure. The DASH researchers sought to plan out an eating style for people with high blood pressure. It’s a balanced, healthy eating plan that benefits the whole family.

Did you know that the DASH Diet has been named #1 Heart Healthy and is always in the top 3 Overall Best Diets by US News. Don’t miss the latest edition of DASH Diet For Dummies® if you have high blood pressure or a family history of it. Coauthored by a cardiologist and a culinary dietitian. It tells you everything about heart disease that your doctor didn’t have time to counsel you about. In addition, provides how-tos and sensible tips for a healthier eating and lifestyle. If you are cooking for one or two, then this cookbook is for you.

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Regular Girl® probiotic is a product that I recommend to keep you, well, regular. Regular is a it’s a prebiotic fiber with probiotics, it’s not a laxative.

As I approached middle age, my body began to respond differently in a lot of ways, including – regularity! Having a history of IBD, I’m happy to have found a product that not only works, but is pleasant to use. I don’t care how effective a fiber supplement, calcium or protein supplement, or any other supplement may be – if it’s not palatable, I won’t use it. This is why I decided to become an Affiliate with Regular Girl® – I like it, it’s safe, and it works! [As an affiliate, I get a small commission with your purchase].

Eat, Drink and Be Regular! Order it Here

Regular Girl® is smooth and tasteless, so just by adding a scoop or packet to your morning beverage and you’re good to go (literally). It’s available in a scoop-able powder and convenient on-the-go travel packets.

  • Delivers regularity without bloating
  • May help promote healthy gut bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria
  • Is fantastic if you find your frequent travel wreaks havoc with your bathroom schedule (Read: bloat!)
  • Bonus: it can also help with satiety, helping you feel more full, and reduce high blood cholesterol.
  • Regular Girl® Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotics