There is more than one way to eat a healthy diet.

When things get hectic you need some extra support! Learn more about diet and its relationship to health. My goal is to share news and products with you that will help you live a balanced, healthy, happy life. My  books all share a similar philosophy: Enjoy eating for better health.

Roll With the Changes

Eating right isn’t something that’s stagnant – it has to evolve with you. Your schedule, your job, your lifestyle, and your body changes as you age. You may experience weight gain and new health challenges. Travel and changes in your routine can even result in changes in bowel habits.  That’s why I became an affiliate with Regular Girl®.  Regular Girl®: Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotics – for the ‘Woman Whose Life is Anything but Regular’ (and men too).

You can’t beat your genes, but you can change your lifestyle.

Even if you require medication, my books can help you partner healthier diet and exercise with your meds therefore allowing you to live a higher quality of life (and possibly even take less medicine – always check with your doctor before making changes however).

We cover everything you need to know about healthy eating.

I’ve co-authored several books in the For Dummies® series including DASH Diet For Dummies® and Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies®. Carbohydrates can be your friend if you plan your meals properly, and the Glycemic Index is one tool to help you do that. Our books not only cover the title subject, but provide how-tos and sensible tips for a healthier eating and lifestyle.

Check out Glycemic Index Cookbook For Dummies®  and prepare delicious, healthy, low glycemic meals at home that can help you shed unwanted pounds and stay healthy. The book includes 150 delicious and simple recipes with a glycemic index and glycemic load rating level for each. Most of the recipes are also DASH-diet friendly, and this is a great approach to prevent metabolic syndrome. Using the Glycemic Index (GI) is not only a proven method of losing and maintaining weight safely and quickly, it’s also an effective way to prevent the most common diseases of affluence, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.


The DASH Diet helps lower blood pressure naturally. DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension and is based on the results of a clinical research trial that showed the diet plan lowered blood pressure. DASH Diet For Dummies®. Coauthored by a cardiologist, this book will tell you everything your doctor didn’t have time to tell you about heart disease as well as what the DASH Diet is all about. Recipes included were developed by the marvelous culinary dietitian – Cindy Kleckner. DASH lowers blood pressure, but also helps with weight control, and is easy to adhere to. Did you know that the DASH Diet provides the nutrients that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans have deemed as deficient in most people? It’s a great all-around eating plan for weight control and general health. These factors have made it the #1 Overall Best Diet by US News for 8 straight years. Maybe it’s time you adopt the #1 diet?

DASH Diet For Dummies® isn’t just for people with high blood pressure, it’s a healthy eating plan for the whole family. Check out the 5-star reviews.

Most books are also available for your Kindle also.

Dash Diet For Dummies®
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Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN

Regular Girl® logoRegular Girl® probiotic is a product that I recommend to keep you, well, regular. We are learning more and more about gut health, and taking a probiotic is a good idea for most people. It also contains prebiotic fiber, which can help with appetite control, keeping you full, helping you lose weight.

Eat, Drink and Be Regular

As I approached middle age, my body began to respond differently in a lot of ways, including – regularity! Having a history of IBD, I’m happy to have found a product that not only works, but is pleasant to use. I don’t care how effective a fiber supplement, calcium or protein supplement, or any other supplement may be – if it’s not palatable, I won’t use it. This is why I decided to become an Affiliate with Regular Girl® – I like it, it’s safe, and it works!

Try It!

Regular Girl® is smooth and tasteless, so just by adding a scoop or packet to your morning coffee or tea, you’re good to go (literally).

  • Delivers regularity without bloating
  • May help promote healthy gut bacteria while reducing harmful bacteria
  • Is fantastic if you find your frequent travel wreaks havoc with your bathroom schedule (Read: bloat!)
  • Bonus: it can also help with satiety, helping you feel more full, and reduce high blood cholesterol.