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A Zero Waste Lemon Tiramisu-inspired Dessert

I wrote 100+ recipes for Zero Waste Cooking For Dummies®, yet I just keep creating more. That's how Zero Waste Cooking works, and that is the goal of the book. I want you to learn more [...]

Earth Day Reminders: Stop Food Waste

It bears repeating - Thirty to forty percent of all food is wasted. I was a guest on the Nutrition Diva Podcast where we chatted about food waste and how we can all take a look [...]

Don’t Trash It: Recreate it!

I was recently a guest on Dr. Joan Salge Blake's podcast: Spot On! We chatted about simple ways to reduce your personal food waste. Why are we throwing away so much food? I think sometimes food [...]

Zero Waste Bread Pudding

Yes, yes, banana bread. I love it personally, and I frequently make banana muffins or a loaf with my overripe bananas. But how about something different? Use your overripe bananas for Bread Pudding! They sub in [...]

Delicious Zero Waste Veggie Fritters

Who doesn't love a fritter? Using leftovers in creative ways can be part of adopting a zero waste cooking strategy. I steamed some broccoli and carrots for dinner one night, and had about a cup and [...]

Irish Soda Bread with Dried Cherries

When it comes to holidays (any holiday) I like to go all in with food themes. I'm not Irish, but I love St Patrick's Day and I've been known to cook up a nice Guinness Stew [...]

Street Corn Pasta Salad

The goal of zero waste cooking is to waste less of the food you buy. This means smarter shopping and storage or the food you bring home, and organizing it so that you use what you [...]

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