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Easy Deconstructed Burrito Bowl

Looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal? This burrito bowl is the answer! I love a one-pan meal! Loaded with protein and fiber, it's satisfying and easy to make. If you are following a DASH [...]

Small Steps, Big Impact: Consider Your Food Waste

Did you know that 40% of all food wasted happened in the residential sector? That’s us! Food waste is going to happen. However, once you start noticing it, you’ll find you can do better to create [...]

Take a Tour on a Berry Farm

Many people say they want to know where their food comes from. I have a request. Every time you open your refrigerator or freezer - think about the farmers, pickers, and processors of your food. Be [...]

Is Plant-Based Food the Real Solution?

The term "plant-based" is hot. I recently attended a sponsored conference in which the term "reducetarian" was introduced. This term describes meat-eaters who are trying to reduce the portions and frequency of meat consumption, and add [...]

The Research on Soy and Soy Foods

There is so much misinformation about soy and soy foods. It's been blamed for everything from breast cancer to male feminization. Let's take a quick look. Research on Women There is a lot of research surrounding [...]

Pesticide Residues – Should You Be Worried?

I am a nutrition advisor to Bayer Crop Science, but the material shared here is evidence-based and all thoughts are my own. Social media has become a black hole of misinformation (and time). This is certainly [...]

Heart Month: Are You Managing Stress?

Are you managing stress? Years ago I worked for a health management company, in the health education department. We taught group classes about stress management, because we knew stress impacts our physical bodies. A team of [...]

Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Are you at risk for heart disease? You health conditions, lifestyle, age and family history can all increase your risk for heart disease. Some of these risks are out of our control (aging, family history) however [...]