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Greek Yogurt Facts

If you enjoy yogurt, there's a good chance you may have switched to Greek yogurt over the past few years. Greek yogurt has taken up more space in the yogurt section of the grocery store of [...]

Keep Lunchboxes Healthy with a Bit of Planning

This post contains affiliate Amazon links. Your back to school routine may be anything but routine these days. In any case, everyone still needs to eat lunch. If you are schooling and working from home, it's [...]

Food, Labeling, and Biotech

Are you concerned about what's in your food? Nature is full of chemicals. Even the "chemicals" in your food are mostly derived from nature (from either plants or animals). I've written about food safety and food [...]

Weighty Thoughts

There's been a big movement within my profession and embraced by other behavior specialists for "health at every size" (HAES) and intuitive eating. I certainly agree that body size or shape does not matter when it [...]

A Handbook for Menopause

My colleague and fellow coffee-lover, Liz Ward, sent me a copy of her new book to check out. Funny thing is, I had already ordered my own copy (so one of my other lucky friends will [...]

Why Aren’t You Eating More Fruits and Veggies?

You probably have heard that eating more fruits and vegetables is a healthy habit. You may have seen the MyPlate graphic, which depicts a picture of a plate that is 50% covered in fruits and veggies. [...]

An Experiment with Fasting

Here we are, eight months into 2020. Summer is almost over, and our world is still a little upside down. During this time of isolation folks have been looking for inspiration. You may be finding that [...]

My New Book Launched: DASH Diet for Two

Drum roll please...I'm very excited to see my new cookbook launch today. This is the first cookbook I've authored solo. It's full of recipes that I have cooked for my family. You'll enjoy 125 healthy recipes [...]

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