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Monthly Archives: September 2014

19 09, 2014

Overthinking Food

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Eating continues to get really complicated. Or at least some people make it that way. I recently listened in on a video interview of three doctors discussing which diet is best - Paleo, Gluten-Free, or Vegan. After listening to them for about 10 minutes, I thought - no [...]

12 09, 2014

Cattle Farm Q & A

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My previous post gave you a glimpse of my recent cattle farm tour. This post will offer you some facts about cattle farming. I was aware, prior to my tour to the cattle farm, that there is a lot of misconception about cattle farming; particularly feedlot versus grass-fed. [...]

11 09, 2014

Close Up Look at a Beef Cattle Farm

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I enjoyed the opportunity to tour Hedgeapple Farm (run by the Jorgensen Family Foundation, Inc) this week. The farm sits on about 310 acres near Frederick Maryland and raises Black Angus cattle.The tour began with a brief overview by Executive Director Dr. Scott Barao who shared the history [...]