So how much are you supposed to eat anyhow?

Well the Mayo Clinic has a great visual guide that you can check out here. Here are some additional quick tips:

  1. It truly does help if you use smaller plates and bowls. It’s even a “movement”. We like the look of a “full” portion. If you portion your ice cream into a small half-cup sized ramekin instead of a big bowl, you’ll be more satisfied with less calories. Choose My Plate offers some general tips to keep in mind.
  2. Keep a food journal to log hunger scale (1 being not so hungry, 5 being very hungry). Also keep track of your mood or stress level when eating.
  3. Slow the heck down! Shoveling food into your mouth = mindless eating. When you don’t pay attention to the texture and flavors of the food you’re eating, you aren’t as satisfied, and it takes your brain 20 minutes to register a full stomach. Put your fork down in between bites, sit back for a moment, have a sip of water. Slow down.
  4. Intentionally choose less food. If you have 2 slices of toast, just have one. If you take a big heap of mashed potatoes, intentionally take a smaller portion. If you pour the whole “on the side” cup of salad dressing on your salad, pour only half, and mix it into the salad.
  5. Get enough sleep. Rest can help control hunger and cravings.

This is a normal sized bagel. It fits into my bagel slicer (circa 1992). The bagel below represents the current average bakery bagel. Too big.