It’s October. That means dietitians all over the country are getting packed up and ready to attend the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (aka FNCE®, pronounced “fen-see”). This year’s conference is being held in Atlanta Georgia, and I’m excited to be getting a Press Pass this year. I’ll be writing up some news for The Meadville Tribune, as well as collecting science tidbits for my blog here.

The conference is supported by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest nutrition organization, with over 75,000 members. Members include registered dietitians who are credentialed through the Commission for Dietetic Registration.

It will bring together food, nutrition and health care professionals from around the world for four days of learning, debating and networking, all in the interest of improving the nutritional health of all people.

In addition to all of the updates on the latest nutrition research and food products, I’ll also have the chance to network with my colleagues from all over the country. Being a freelance writer can be lonely at time, so I can’t wait to chat with my colleagues as we share our passion for our profession! What a joy to love one’s work.

Look for some new information covered in the upcoming weeks. Off to Atlanta!