St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so I’m sure those of Irish decent, and those who love the Irish, will be enjoying a beer or two this weekend. All beer gets most of its calories from alcohol. Light beers have less calories than regular beers, and the choice is usually a personal taste preference. Darker beers, like porters and stouts, actually have less calories than ales, and lagers usually are lower in calories still. But a Pale Ale (my favorite) have higher calorie counts.

Like every other food or beverage, it’s all about portion control. I’d rather have one or two IPAs than three regular beers, so that’s my choice. Calories from alcohol count, so you need to manage liquid calories just as you do food.

Take the high road and enjoy your weekend: Drink responsibly, and eat good food along with your beers – never drink on an empty stomach!

Guinness Stout: 170
Guinness Draught: 210
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 230
Budweiser: 195
Heineken Lager: 210
Killian”s (Coors): 220
Rolling Rock: 190
Coors Light: 135