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As a Nutrition Communications Consultant, I am sometimes paid to write, but most of my posts at Chew the Facts® are unpaid. When I have been paid to write on a topic, I will disclose the sponsorship within the blog post. I only accept consulting positions with companies or organizations whose views I am aligned with and who provide evidence-based information. I provide science-based advice and my balanced, real-world messages are appealing to many within the food industry. My views and opinions are my own and are supported by science and peer-reviewed publications as I interpret them.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

At times, I also represent clients when posting on social media channels or commenting on blogs. When I do represent or partner with a company as a paid consultant, I will be transparent in that representation. I’ll include hashtags such as #sponsored, #client, #partner #advisor, or other appropriate disclosure per client’s request. There are also times that my expenses are covered for business travel on behalf of an organization (in which I do not have a contract). This type of content showcasing what see or learn on the trip will be disclosed as paid travel (#sponsoredtravel).

Current Clients:

  • Danone
  • Bayer Cropscience
  • Sugar Association
  • Produce for Better Health Ambassador (pro bono)
  • Regular Girl® (affiliate)
  • Independent Expert Advisor to GMO Answers (pro bono)

Past Clients:

  • General Mills
  • Calorie Control Council (#CCCadvisor)
  • U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Digital Voices Council
  • Northeast Beef Council
  • (The American Beverage Association)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Olgilvy
  • Blog writer for the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association
  • Kellin Communications
  • Fleishman Hillard
  • Corn Refiner’s Association

DISCLAIMER from Rust Nutrition Services/Chew the Facts®:

Scientific information is constantly evolving, so as I evaluate new studies, I may still reference older ones. My thoughts and opinions are my own. The material presented on this website, and any information linked from it, is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Chew the Facts® nor Rust Nutrition Services is not responsible for any action you may take as a result of reading the material presented here. You should not use this material to diagnose or treat a health condition without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider.