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Add Mindful Balance to the Holiday Season

Weight management is an important part of staying healthy, preventing disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease) and feeling good.  However, weight loss is much more challenging for some than others. Most registered dietitians agree that [...]

Leftover Makeover: Mashed Potato Ball Appetizer

Got 3-day old leftover mashed potatoes? I have a delicious solution. Don't waste them, make them into these crowd-pleasing appetizer. You can add one or more eggs and adjust the grated cheese and seasoning depending on [...]

10 Ways to Rock Your Holiday Leftovers

You went grocery shopping, you bought things, you cooked, you have leftovers. Food costs are at an all-time high. This is your moment to pledge not to pitch food into the kitchen trash can! Whether you [...]

Simple Homemade Reduced Sugar Cranberry Sauce

Sugar gets a bad rap. It's blamed for many of our countries health issues, but these claims are misleading. The US Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends we consume less than 10 percent of our calories come [...]

Eye on Food Waste

The amount of food wasted each year seems to continue to trend upwards. It may not seem like a big deal, but the little efforts you can make at home matter. In my latest [...]

Add Peanuts to Your Diet for a Health Boost

I've often told the story about my grandfather's peanut habit. He enjoyed a small handful every evening after dinner with a glass of wine. Peanuts have always been part of my diet, and a recent study [...]

Pasta with Butternut Squash, Spinach and Walnuts

It's officially sweater weather right? This dish hits all of the notes of the season, delicious, beta-carotene-rich butternut squash and spinach for those B vitamins, put together with creamy, comforting pasta. It can be eaten immediately, [...]

Hurricane Food Safety

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc in South Florida recently. As with any natural disaster, power outages are common, and food safety can come into question. I've been traveling and unable to post any updates, but thought I'd [...]