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Tis the Season to Enjoy Cookies

Wait. A dietitian is telling me to eat cookies? Yep. Does your family have a special cookie you enjoy every year? The holidays are a time to enjoy special foods with family and friends. This year, you [...]

How Stay-at-Home Behaviors Impact Your Health

What has your eating looked like lately? How about your exercise routine? Your social life and emotional health? Everyone's stress level has been higher than usual this year. That makes maintaining healthy lifestyle habits more challenging. [...]

A Great Nutrition Resource for All

My coauthors and I are excited to bring you this excellent resource for heart-healthy living. It's on bookshelves and available online at a bookstore near you: DASH Diet For Dummies®, 2nd edition. It's About Healthy Living [...]

How Big is Your Wine Glass?

This year has been a crazy and stressful hasn't it? March was a little scary and anxiety-ridden, then it became disruptive and tiring. You may have found it challenging to maintain healthy eating habits and your [...]

New Options for Holiday Cooking

You may be hosting a smaller gathering this year, so how can you change up your menu while still keeping it special? You can get together safely and still have fun, but do stay abreast of [...]

Is Pandemic Fatigue Setting In?

Has pandemic fatigue set in for you? ⁣ I finished up a long weekend of virtual "conferencing" on Tuesday. While it was great to still be able to join my recent annual food & nutrition conference [...]

Greek Yogurt Facts

If you enjoy yogurt, there's a good chance you may have switched to Greek yogurt over the past few years. Greek yogurt has taken up more space in the yogurt section of the grocery store of [...]

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