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Best-by Dates and Stale Bread

One question that may be on your mind as you consider throwing food away is: "Is it still safe to eat?" Some of the guidelines for how long a food is safe to eat and how [...]

Add More Veggies to Your Pasta & Potato Salads

We all need to add more veggies to our diets. Why not add them to foods you already love? Pasta and potato salads are delicious summer picnic go-tos. Why not veg-up your favorite pasta or potato [...]

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

I generally blog about food and nutrition topics, and am known to clear up the plethora of misinformation that's out there. Today, however, I wanted to write a story. I'm weaving in information about the important [...]

What’s the Real Deal with Sucralose Risk?

Fear sells. Or rather, does it prevents sales? Hmmn? By now you've seen the recent news headlines claimed that the chemical found in Splenda was found to "cause significant health damage" or "damages DNA and is [...]

Understanding a Standard Drink

I enjoy a cocktail and I love wine, but sometimes our pour is more that we realize. Glasses are larger, and alcohol content has increased in wine and beer in the US. Alcohol By [...]

The Amazing Work of Bees

I had the opportunity to tour the Savannah Bee Company store and hives, courtesy of a visit sponsored by the National Honey Board. The National Honey Board promotes responsible industry practices that ensure the honey you [...]

Go Green with Soy and my Spicy Tofu Broccoli Bowl

I've partnered with U.S. Soy to create a short video (paid) to highlight the benefits of soy, and how farmers are working to produce food in sustainable ways. I was raised to "give a hoot, don't [...]

Quick Meal: Grilled Aussie Lamb Chops

Earlier this year I attended a conference session with several animal livestock experts and representatives from Meat and Livestock Australia, however this is not a sponsored nor paid post. Quick dinners are my goal most nights [...]