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3 06, 2015

Why Portions Matter Most – Sodium, Fat, Calories

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When I help people understand the principles of the DASH Diet, I emphasize eating more vegetables, fruit and lowfat dairy. But I also must mention that saturated fat, sodium and calories are important too. Sometimes folks will ask about reading food labels, and how to choose a food [...]

27 02, 2015

Sodium and Saturated Fat: The Proposed Dietary Guidelines

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 Fat, sodium and sugar will be hot topics this year. They are reviewed in "Chapter 6" of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines proposal (Cross Cutting Topics of Public Health Importance), and there is quite a bit of disagreement among doctors, dietitians, and self-proclaimed nutrition experts. Luckily, the Dietary Guidelines [...]

26 01, 2012

Just Say No to Diets

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Why Should You Just Say No to Diets? Simple Steps Work Funny. I was getting ready to write up this post, when I came across this: The Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet. Sigh.While Oz has some sensible advice from time to time, this "Diet" is not on the sensible [...]