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4 03, 2019

Where Are You Getting Your Nutrition Advice?

By |2019-08-27T15:52:04-04:00March 4th, 2019|DASH Diet/Wellness, Food Facts, Healthy Aging, Heart Disease, Uncategorized, Weight Management|2 Comments

March ushers in National Nutrition Month® - a month to reflect on your eating and exercise habits, and make positive lifestyle changes. It's also a time when registered dietitians try to convince you to find your diet and nutrition advice from a credentialed professional. Why a Registered Dietitian? [...]

1 03, 2018

It’s National Nutrition Month® – Go Further with Food

By |2019-06-26T13:51:07-04:00March 1st, 2018|DASH Diet/Wellness, Food Facts, Uncategorized|1 Comment

March is National Nutrition Month®, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals). Every National Nutrition Month® I try to highlight the Registered Dietitian. Everyone eats. For that reason you may commonly hear nutrition advice from just about everyone you [...]

1 12, 2013

Conflict over Integrity

By |2013-12-01T10:00:42-05:00December 1st, 2013|Food Facts, Uncategorized|5 Comments

I posted an article last week about the current sponsorships of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, my professional organization. It received a lot of feedback, primarily positive. One issue that came up in the comment section was the idea of "conflict of interest". This individual seemed to [...]