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pediatric obesity

4 11, 2015

Feeding Children: Does Health Food Lead to Healthy Lifestyles?

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Before "healthy", organic and specialty packaged food were available in the average supermarket, they were only available from "Health Food Stores" or via special order. Now more than ever before, everyone has access to a variety of choices, and many are demanding more and more "custom foods". Just [...]

3 06, 2014

The Obsession with Sugar

By |2014-06-03T09:00:40-04:00June 3rd, 2014|Food Facts, Uncategorized, Weight Management|1 Comment

As a nutrition communication consultant I occasionally write about topics related to the food industry clients I may serve, but my thoughts and opinions are my own. This post is on behalf of the Calorie Control Council.   I recently read an article claiming that crystalline fructose was different than [...]

12 05, 2014

Fed Up with Pseudoscience

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If you haven't heard, a new movie about the potential causes of childhood obesity opened this past weekend. In the likes of Supersize Me, King Korn, and Food Inc (which claims that for "the average American, the ideal meal is fast, cheap and tasty"), this movie sensationalized the [...]

3 04, 2012

Juicey Sugar

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I recently had a conversation with another mom who told me that her pediatrician recommended choosing orange juice over apple juice "because apple juice has way more sugar" than other juices. I told her this wasn't quite true. While cranberry and grape juices are a bit higher in [...]