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Heart Disease

11 03, 2020

National RDN Day: How to Find a Dietitian

By |2020-03-11T11:42:07-04:00March 11th, 2020|DASH Diet/Wellness, Health Professionals, Healthy Aging, Heart Disease, Weight Management, Wellness|0 Comments

It's Registered Dietitian Day! Celebrate National Nutrition Month by focusing on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. ? My goal has always been to help people enjoy eating for better health. I’m passionate about getting the facts about food [...]

3 03, 2020

Obesity Week: What Do You Know?

By |2020-03-04T08:16:21-05:00March 3rd, 2020|Health Professionals, Healthy Aging, Heart Disease, Weight Management, Wellness|0 Comments

In addition to doing my own literature reviews, I attended a nutrition conference session presented by independent obesity scientists, including Ted Kyle. The session was sponsored by Novo Nordisk.  I was not paid to write this post and my opinions and experiences are my own. This week is [...]

2 02, 2020

Plant Alternatives VS Beef: Consumer Perceptions of Nutrition Facts

By |2020-02-03T18:58:36-05:00February 2nd, 2020|Food Facts, Food Trends, Health Professionals, Heart Disease, Wellness|0 Comments

I recently attended a session (sponsored by Dupont's health division) that shared preliminary results of an International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) consumer survey. The December 2019 survey shared consumer perceptions of plant alternatives to meat. One thousand interviews were conducted among adults aged eighteen and over, from December [...]

26 01, 2020

5 easy ways to incorporate fish twice a week into your diet

By |2020-01-15T15:58:42-05:00January 26th, 2020|DASH Diet/Wellness, Easy Cooking, Food Facts, Healthy Aging, Heart Disease, Wellness|0 Comments

You've heard fish is part of a healthy diet, but are you eating it regularly? What's stopping you? The smell? The taste? Bad experiences with poorly prepared fish? Or do you just 'think' you don't like it and haven't really tried different varieties? Maybe you love canned tuna? [...]