Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget or utensil? I have lots of them!

Having the right tools in your kitchen makes cooking much more enjoyable. One of my must-haves is my kitchen shears. I like to use them in many unexpected ways: To cut pizza, snip herbs, and chop salad with them. You can trim the fat from raw chicken or cut or shred cooked chicken or pork with them. Use them to chop cooked spinach right in the bowl. They often can replace a knife and cutting board, making clean up easier.

Scratch-Free Utensils

Silicone utensils are great because they won’t scratch your pans and they clean easily. I use silicone spoons and spatulas when I’m browning onions with ground meat. The scoop-type spatula also comes in handy since it can act like a spoon and a scraper.

Mighty Mini

I’m a little obsessed with mini utensils. Clearly, I believe in having several sets of tongs!

Small utensils or gadgets can make scraping ingredients out of prep bowls easier and allow you to get the last bit of peanut butter out of a jar. Mini tongs are perfect for asparagus or green beans. They work well for appetizers too. And they all fit easily into a small drawer.


There are also electrical appliances that can make cooking easier. A small or large food processor is helpful for quickly and uniformly chopping vegetables. I use my inexpensive mini-processor to make bean dip and to blend cream cheese with herbs. An immersion blender can also be useful for creaming soups right in the pot, or making whipped potatoes.

Some more expensive appliances are worth it as well. High speed blenders like the Nutribullet® are great for smoothies. Lots of people swear by their air-fryer, but I enjoy my Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven. It performs as an air-fryer and toaster oven, so I use it daily for toast, to reheat, air-fry or bake smaller portions.

Drop me a comment to tell me about your favorite kitchen utensils and gadgets!

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