IMG_1137Weight management is an important part of staying healthy, preventing disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease) and feeling good. The holidays can be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, and often food is the focus of many occasions.

You can enjoy your favorite foods without gaining weight if you set up an easy plan:

Don’t skip meals, but do eat light

To keep things balanced, do consider a healthy breakfast, lighter lunches and healthy snacks on days you know you have an occasion. Choose oatmeal for breakfast or a hard cooked egg and one slice of whole grain toast. Have a side salad with vegetable soup for lunch or a half a sandwich and cottage cheese and fruit.

Eat more fruits and veggie

This is a goal to strive for every single day, including when you are in the buffet line at parties. Most parties will include a vegetable platter or some fresh fruit. Add good portions to your plate and you’ll be sure to get the fiber you need. They will fill you up, and help you control your portions of other higher calorie snacks. In addition, make sure to grab an apple or a snack bag of carrots on your way out the door to work or for a shopping trip, to help keep hunger at bay while your’e busy.

Be mindful of portions, and slow down. 

It’s not what you are eating as much as it is “how and how much”. Take notice of what is being served from the buffet at parties. Make a mindful choice to choose a balance plate of smaller portions. If it’s a family style dinner, take a small portion of all of your favorites and put your fork down in between bites.

Stay hydrated.

Colder weather, and busier schedules, can sometimes get you out of your water drinking routine. Be sure to drink enough water through the day. And be sure to monitor your alcohol intake, limiting it to 1-3 cocktails per occasion (and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach).

Don’t “unschedule” your exercise.

This is not the time to let anything interfere with your exercise schedule. So be sure to make time to fit in at least 4 days of exercise(30-minutes or more) every week.

Get support.

Rather than wait until the new year, why not start working with a nutrition coach now?


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