If you were to be deserted and had access to only 4-5 foods or beverages, what would your choices be?

Me? Cheese, nuts, bread, and berries. And of course, water!!

  • I love cheese, and a hard cheese would keep a while (but maybe not on an island:)). Cheese contributes both protein and calcium, and requires no cooking!
  • Nuts are high in protein, and fiber. They are an excellent high-energy snack – a little goes a long way.
  • I love good, crusty bread. So if I could have a variety of whole grain breads, and a good crusty French Baguette available, I’d be set.
  • Berries are loaded with vitamin C, potassium, and other phytochemicals (healthy substances found in deep-colored fruits and veggies). They also require no peeling, coring, or seeding, and have little to no waste.
  • Finally, you can’t live without water. I guess it might be nice to have rum and juice on an island too but nothing beats water as a thirst-quencher. It’s best to include at least 4 glasses of plain water every day in addition to the other calorie-free liquids you may consume (plain coffee, tea, diet soda, flavored waters).


Share your 5 foods or beverages choices if you were deserted in the Comment section!