There are so many wonderful foods to eat. Have you tried them all yet? Sometimes we get so stuck in our ways, that we become less adventurous, even when it comes to trying new foods.

There are many factors that relate to successful weight loss. If I were to only name a few, they’d be:

  1. You have to be ready to make some changes in your lifestyle
  2. You have to be ready to add some foods to your diet, and limit some other foods or beverages
  3. You need to plan a fairly consistent meal schedule that provides the calories you need, while keeping you hunger-free most of the day (and be prepared to get used to “feeling” hungry once in a while, and waiting)
  4. You need to find ways to move your body more all day long

Let me give you some ideas for new foods to try: Add more beans and legumes to your weekly diet. Or how about taking a familiar pancake, and adding some extra good stuff to it?

Do you like fruit more than vegetables? How about combining some fruit with veggies?

So since it’s National Nutrition Month®, I challenge you to try some new foods, experiment with some new recipes (they are probably not as hard as you think), and let me know how it goes!