The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will be holding its annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition (aka FNCE, or “Fen-cee”) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beginning this weekend. Over 10,000 registered dietitians, registered diet technicians, and other food and nutrition professionals will come together to share, learn and explore the latest nutrition science, research, and new products and services in the nutrition and dietetics world.

Opening session is on Saturday, October 6th where keynote speaker Dean Karnazes, author and internationally recognized endurance athlete, will share how he has pushed his body to inconceivable limits. Numerous sessions through the week will provide the latest research and information about food and nutrition, including topics such as heart health, whole grains, fiber, diabetes management, soy, nutrition/fitness technology, telehealth, pediatric nutrition, effective counseling, food and beverage trends, obesity treatment, and many more exciting topics, panels, and updates.

The Corn Refiners Association will be sponsoring several sessions for additional continuing education credits that provide science-based information about sweeteners. On Sunday, Registered dietitians Caroline Whitby and Tami Cline will discuss the current environment surrounding added sugars in both supermarkets and school food service, in their session titled “Added Sugars and Sweeteners: A Panel Discussion”. Monday will bring Dr. James Rippe to present “Fructose, Sucrose and HFCS: Danger or Distraction”. He’ll compare fructose, HFCS and sucrose based on recent research and clinical trials and how it all relates to health. Finally, on Tuesday, dietitian Neva Cochran will present “High Fructose Corn Syrup: Myth or Science” highlighting science-based facts about HFCS so that dietetic professionals can deliver the facts to their clients and patients.

There’s a lot of nutrition misinformation out there, and high fructose corn syrup has certainly been victim to erroneous news over the last few years. If you are attending FNCE, do stop in and check out the latest facts before providing advice to patients and clients.

Also, be sure to visit the Corn Refiners Association’s booth #131 on the Expo floor to ask questions and get copies of the latest science-based studies on high fructose corn syrup. You can also find links to research at Sweetener Studies.

I’ll also be at the main Information booth throughout the week. Stop and say “Hi”!

Hope to see you there!


I am a nutrition consultant to the Corn Refiner’s Association, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.