Nearly everyone experiences a food craving once in a while. A recent study showed that people who put a little bit more thought into how they were eating, were able to eat less. After all, eating less is a goal for weight loss, isn’t it? So learning a few tricks that help you eat less can help you succeed in losing unwanted pounds.

Food journals can help you pinpoint how much, why, and when you are eating. This can help you figure out where your pitfalls are. Are you simply eating larger portions than needed? Or are you eating at times when you aren’t hungry, are stressed, or distracted? 

Many of my clients make healthy food choices. It’s the behaviors that surround eating that are often the bigger challenge. Healthy foods may be available, and the basics of a balanced diet are understood, but it’s the occasional situations that occur in daily living (stress, boredom, cravings) that can slip you up. Simply keeping a daily (or a few days a week) diet journal can help you reason with yourself – Are you hungry? Is this a good choice? Is it the right portion? Are you missing any food groups today? Did you skip a meal?

Try it and see how it works out for you!