“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Remember hearing that when you were a kid? Well, it’s still true. Apples were back in the news recently, and I can’t say anything negative about apples – they’re tasty and good for you. They’re are so many varieties, that whether you prefer sweet or tart, you’ll find one to suit you. They are fat-free, loaded with fiber (3-5 grams per apple), and only about 70-130 calories, depending on size.

Studies have shown that apple consumption can reduce risk for heart disease, and may also help with weight control. The study showed that not only did eating about 240 calories a day in dried apples help reduce cardiovascular risk, but it promoted weight loss as well. Previous studies have shown similar results with apple consumption.

My easy tip for improving the healthiness of your diet this week? Apples are your new go-to snack. Eat an extra apple a day!