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Monthly Archives: April 2012

27 04, 2012

Honey…It’s Sugar

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While I was at the Experimental Biology conference earlier this week, I had the chance to have some great scientific conversations about a hot topic: sugars. One interesting conversation was with a student who firmly believed that because honey contained "some nutrients", it would be a superior choice [...]

25 04, 2012

Panel of Experts Discuss Sweeteners at Experimental Biology 2012 Meeting

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I was a consultant to the Corn Refiner's Association when this posted, but my thoughts and opinions are my own. I'm back from the Experimental Biology 2012 conference in San Diego. The session: "Fructose, Sucrose, and High Fructose Corn Syrup: Relevant Scientific Findings and Health Implications" created quite [...]

16 04, 2012

Pink Slime – It’s What’s for Dinner?

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I am attending the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association meeting this week and had a chance to gather some facts about beef. Since there's been news over the past month about "pink slime", I thought I'd share the facts. Lean, finely textured beef (LFTB) is the product undergoing fire lately, [...]

3 04, 2012

Juicey Sugar

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I recently had a conversation with another mom who told me that her pediatrician recommended choosing orange juice over apple juice "because apple juice has way more sugar" than other juices. I told her this wasn't quite true. While cranberry and grape juices are a bit higher in [...]